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Human Resources Training and Capacity Building

Training and capacity building equips individuals and institutions to make and implement decisions and perform functions in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. A3 Trusted Consult provides specific training to organisations according to the training needs identified by the organisations, we also help in identifying the training needs of organisations through HR compliance audit. Our training programs provide useful and meaningful information on employee relations topics critical to the effective functioning of their jobs. Efforts will be made to explore practical strategies for motivating employees, how to use work to challenge and retain productive also helps participants to appreciate themselves and their job contribution to their organization and to provide guidelines and strategies necessary for the appropriate interaction between employees and management with employees.

We train organizations on the following

  • Analytical Skills
  • Action Orientation
  • Business Knowledge/Acumen
  • Coaching/Employee Development
  • Communication
  • Customer Focus
  • Decision Making
  • Global Perspective
  • Innovation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership
  • Establishing Objectives
  • Risk Management
  • Persuasion and Influence
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Results Orientation
  • Self-Management
  • Teamwork

    We also offer training and capacity building to the general public through seminars, public lectures, workshops etc.